Todd Kenyon's E28 BMW M5 page
Repairs and fixes for E28 M5's, E24 M6's, E30 M3's, and other E28 and E24 5 and 6-series BMW's. Hey, some stuff here even works on other E30 3 series and E34 5 series BMW's

My M5: Build date 3/87
mileage 119k (January, 2009)
E28 M5 number 277 now lives in Barrington, Rhode Island,
as a no-winter, no-rain garage queen!

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Major Mods:

Do-It-Yourself Instructions: use at your own risk, I am not a mechanic, but these are accurate descriptions of the methods I used to successfully complete these projects.

Replacing a cracked clutch pedal bracket and master cylinder

Leatherique seat restoration project

Dashboard Replacement

Idle speed / Mixture adjustment - writeup by Rodney Moore

S38 - S14 Throttle Synchronization Instructions

S38 Timing Chain Replacement - writeup by Marty Leahy of Rio Rancho, NM- WARNING - Crank-hub portion not suitable for youngsters or those with weak hearts!! (Pls note that I haven't done this procedure (yet) so don't bother emailing me questions about this, I'll be no help)

Brake "Bomb" Replacement

Adding a New Stereo Head unit

Easy Cheap Fix for Interior Light Delay

Adding Remote Keyless Entry (Cheap!)

Adding a Rear Sunshade

My Favorite Car-Care Products

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