The Carburetor Chronicles

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The Carburetor Chronicles

About a week after I bought the bike I decided  I absolutely had to hear it run. I have next to no mechanical ability, probably not the right tools, and of course no manual.

So I decide now is the time to rebuild the carbs.

I originally posted this on the website. It is a BBS so the format may be a little unusual, work your way through it. I edited it so it would flow a little better in this format, while still retaining some of the flavor from the original thread. At the end of the pages is a link to the original thread. Advrider is not locked into any one brand but there a lot of BMW owners registered.

I posted some of the responses and attributed them to the original username from the Advrider BBS.  The quotes are set off in brackets.

There are lots of photos, and if you are on a dial up you may as well get a cup of coffee now.

The posts are riddled with typos and spelling errors because it was all posted in real time. The outside temp was about 9 degrees and I had the garage door cracked open because of all the fumes. While I was doing it I would come inside to warm up every so often and post pictures and a blow by blow of the rebuild.

dp 01/04

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