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Carb Chronicles Page #7

A little minor garage surgery and the barrel adjusters sort of work, sort of not.
What the pliers break, the pliers can fix . . . sort of. In a way.

Ok it is still fucked up, but I want to hear this bike run.

mutineer has attached this image:

Ok, jack Mr. Bing back into the matrix and see what happens.

Mr. Bing is now back in his place.

Those among you who know what you are doing will realize something obvious is missing.

What is it?


Second Hose Clamp on the upper boot.

Ok, continue


We have a winner. Puppies like me heed my advice. Take off one at a time, you will find all kinds answers to all kinds of mysteries by merely walking around the bike.

Everything is back in its home. I am going back to the garage.

I did the other side but I need to do the petcock on the other side. And we will see if she starts, and if I get to walk among those giants in the tribe of men, the true illuminati, the possessors of the dark knowledge, the rebuilders of the carb.

Mythbusters is on, there is some more cold beer in the fridge and I am so close to knowing if I am a man or a mouse that I can't stop now. They are gonna fire a chicken out of an air cannon on TV and I gonna start the bike (please God, hear my prayer).

More to come.

mutineer has attached this image:

Welcome to the wonderful world of wrenchin.

Don't worry about the pics/bandwidth ... if some don't like it they will say so. Might be better posted in some other section.. don't know has been amusing here too.

Some tips ... don't use that gripin thing ... marks things up.

On the barrel adjusters you have marked up.. you can get black heat shrink tubing from tandy .. get the right size that just goes over the cable ends ... then put 2 inches (comes in a long length cut with scissors) over the cable so it covers the barrel bit and the rest goes over the black bit of the cable. Shrink that bit with the hair dryer. Now cut another bit about 1 1/2 inches long and do the same . Then an inch bit. You now have covered your damaged bit, and progressively strengthens the cable where it enters the barrel, so instead of having a sharp bend just out of the carby it should now have a nice smooth bend... works much better. You are reading this all through before starting? Good. Before you shrink the tubing get the cable all the way down (seated) inside the barrel.

I think there is a write up somewhere on doing those petcocks too ... motobins tech tips? Nup ... from the huge IBMR lists Oh they also have a write up on the carbys too.

Frank Warner

A relentless pursuit of an objective achieves victory more often than talent, skill or knowledge.

That anyway is the way I have conducted the majority of life and it has taken me from high school drop out to the questionable place in life that I find myself.
So in that spirit I forge ahead, tackling the overwhelming task of, drum roll please, an oil change.

The Mr. Left Bing and Mr. Right Bing are now back where they came from.

The bike is off the jack. Not a job I recommend anyone do alone, but WTF. When you are straddling a teetering bike 18 inches off the ground, paddling your feet in the air with no more purchase than Wiley Coyote, and trying like all get out to remember who is in fact the patron saint of lost causes, you find a way to solve the problem. Sheer dumb luck is my customary solution to such situations.

For those of you keeping score at home the patrons of lost causes are St. Jude and St. Gregory. St, Gregory is a little more is a little more my style, he killed a guy for lying to him.

The astute observer may notice some residual kitty litter on the ground, seems like spilling a little gas is part of the process here, yes? Not sure where I am going to sleep now, the smell of gas makes Mrs. Mutineer ill and one of the little members of the pirate ship's crew has friends over so crashing in the recliner is out (wonder how far I can stretch my silly ass screen name).
Time to test the Mrs.' devotion . . . again.

A trip to the local BP for some guaranteed fresh gas, an oil change and fresh plugs and I am going to pull the trigger on this baby TONIGHT!!!!!

OK, this morning, it is 1:30 here, but I ain't giving up until she starts or the oh so expensive battery dies . . . again.

Does anybody know what new plugs should be gapped for in this bike?

Four fucking fifty a quart, this is the last time this bike gets factory oil. I like my dealer but goddamn.

No picture for this one.

Carbs mounted.
I change the oil.
Put in the new plugs, hoping they came pre-gapped (yeah I know, but if you think that will stop you have not been reading)

Sit on the bike ceremoniously turn the key and begin cranking.


Hoping against hope I press the button.


Just the starter futilely spinning.

Think man, they are no longer your enemy. The brothers Bing are with you know. Their mother ship needs your help to once again breathe fire.

This machine is your partner, you two have bonded. For years she lay dormant waiting for a loving hand to resurrect her. Free her. Take her once more on the black ribbon of promises unfulfilled. All that separates the two of you from the road is the dark knowledge.

What is wrong?

Check kill switch?


petcocks on? plug wires attached?


you all overestimate me


I look down and realize that Mr. Left Bing's life line is not attached. Wonder why he was not getting fuel.
You are thinking the fuel line was not attached dummy, you just said that.
You should have seen the big pool of gas down by your left foot. The fumes should have been overwhelming. Geez man, how dumb can you be?

Read on my friends.

Seems to make a pool of gas on the floor via an unconnected fuel line you would need to have gas in the tank.

You heard me right. I forgot to put some of the fresh nectar of life into the beast.

I'll be right back.



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