The Carburetor Chronicles

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Carb Chronicles Page #5

Planned on getting back in the garage at 1 or 2 this afternoon. Didn't get back until more like 7. Ahh, the life of a family man.

Time to resume the battle. Diaphragm done, bowls done, time for the side

Ok this was relatively easy. No little parts just some screws to get it undone.


Clean it up a little and a new gasket and button it back up

Back to the bottom of the carb and whatever these screws are called, has anybody seen the damn diagram? Where is my damn diagram?


The one of the right is just a screw and the one on the left has an o-ring and a spring, which is very easy to drop and lose. Give me a minute and I will show you one of the most often used tools in my garage, besides the remote control to the TV and the beer fridge (I mentioned how much I love my wife right?).

The little o-ring is a little easier to get on than the last one, but I still needed to use picks. I would like to think I have learned my pliers lesson on the barrel adjusters (see, I listen).

And know we know why is was easier, guess which one of these I used and guess which one I should have used. Well at least I stabbed myself in the hand with a pick which helped focus my attention.
Of course I did this while putting on the wrong, "easy", one

OK the second was much harder to get on, but no self stabbing this time. Focus is a good thing. Time to turn off the TV and turn on an audiobook, rules.

The small one was a much larger pain to put on, but caused less actual pain so it is a wash.

Oh yeah, this one fits too.

The tools I use to find all of the shit I drop all of the time.

One work light with two 500 watt halogen lamps and a floor lamp with another 500 light. These things put out so much light that the stuff in my garage is starts to revolve around them when they are on.

The view of the new old bike without the lights, and this is with a flash.

and with the lights

Ok the carb is hopefully put back together. Just to be safe I think I will perform some sort of a sacrifice.

The cat wants to know why I am looking at her funny.





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