The Carburetor Chronicles


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The house is purchased, painted and furnished, well mostly furnished.  The kids that needed braces now have them.  It is time for motorcycles to make their reappearance in my world.

I bought a couple of bikes over the last year or so. Old bikes. When I started on them I had no real mechanical skill to speak of.  Nothing has changed since then.

In a fit of impatience to hear one the bikes run when I brought it home I rebuilt the carbs.  This job was performed with a profound lack of ability.  I posted a thread about it on called the "The Carb Chronicles."  That gave rise to this.

I was trying to figure out a way to keep track of all of the pictures and text from t he rebuild and after talking to some of the IT people where I work they suggested Front Page or Power Point as a good way to keep track of a narrative with pictures.  That advice, coupled with a lot of positive feedback I got from the carb thread gave rise to this site.

When I cannot actually ride due to the short season here in the flatlands, or work prevents, perhaps the occasional crash, or whatever, these pages are a way to go for a mental ride.  I hope it does the same for you.


These pages are constantly under construction and the information should be considered a work in progress at best.  If you rely on how I have done something as a guide keep in mind that as a mechanic I am one hell of a cook.  The overwhelming majority of the pictures used here are ones I have taken, but I have also occasionally used graphics I have found one the web. I have done so in what I believe is fair use. If I have imposed on a copyright, or someone feels I have unfairly used something please let me know and I will take it down.

These pages are purely for entertainment value, mostly mine.  Since they are a riding substitute you can expect to see few updates in the summer months.  A man has gotta have priorities.

Unless noted I have no financial relationships with any company or product you read about here.  I am not opposed to people giving me free stuff, it just hasn't happened. If it does I will let you know.

I welcome feedback of any type and you can contact me via email at the bottom of the page.



This page was last updated on 05/31/04.



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