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Carb Chronicles Page #6

Here is where it all came from. Time to put my former enemy back into his home. Please god let it go back the way it came.

Ok, wait, not yet. If gas set for six years in the bowels of this carb, gumming the bowls, floats, and everything else then the petcocks cannot be in good shape. Better do that first.

The hose does not look nearly as bad as the carb did. Maybe I ought to just stop here. I really don't have the parts to be doing this.

The heck with it, I don't really have the skills or the knowledge to be doing this either. Who needs parts. Heck I don't even have the manual. Where did that exploded diagram go?

I think I am going to double my posting on this thread alone. Well once you start something you gotta see it through.

Off with the hose. Doesn't look as bad as the carb did. Lets get to the petcock itself.

Off with the hose. Doesn't look as bad as the carb did. Lets get to the petcock itself.
The nut looks kind of big (s sentence I never really though I would use, but WTF).

Can't be bigger than a 22mm, hell the wheel comes off with a 22mm right?

OK that damn thing is not a 22mm. I don't own anything bigger than that, and yes, sorrowfully enough that includes everything. Hell I bought the 22 special for the another bike.

What to use, what to use.
For every one who thought I learned my lesson on the barrel adjusters, I learn slow.

OK, maybe that is the wrong tool after all, where is my universal wrench? I have bigger ones but this is such a delicate job.

Ah, here it is.

Ok, maybe I ought to just use an adjustable wrench. I did and the damn thing does not want to come off without some serious torque, which I afraid to apply. When in doubt apply patience and chemicals.

. . . and off it comes.
I need something to catch the crappy gas we use another high tech tool, courtesy of the cat, which is now MIA.
A cat litter bucket. These thing beat the hell out of round buckets because they are easier to stack and store. Lose the lid and you are screwed though.

mutineer has attached this image:


If you are looking for a reason to take care of the petcocks this ought to do. I pretty sure gas is not supposed to be brown and chunky.

This is probably not what this thing is supposed to look like is it?

The screen here looks even worse. Less big particles, but more shellac.

A lot of B-12 and a lot of compressed air later she goes back onto the tank. Looks a little better.

We have covered how much we hate Gumout right?
You could wean puppies with the stuff. Last night when I ran out of B-12 I had to use the Gumout. After a little bit I gave up on that and just used skim milk with only slightly better results.







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