The Carburetor Chronicles

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Carb Chronicles Page #9

I have made FIRE!!!!!!!!

She breathes.
She lives.
I have brought life to long dormant steel and iron.
Thousands of controlled explosions in a single minute, tiny moments of complete destruction of all that is held within her chambers propelling us towards a new, better life.

A life of harmony with the machine. No longer dropping her off and leaving her under the care of mercenary strangers. We two are one, never again shall she be left behind. Only twenty five thousand miles. So long in years, so young in spirit, so much time to be left alone.

My place in the tribe is complete, she helped take me there.

I am now a keeper of the dark knowledge.
My battle is won.
I am a rebuilder of carbs.

OK, she sounds like complete shit, there is a growing puddle of gas under the left carb, and she won't hold an idle for money, she reeks of burning dust, and I have no idea how to solve a single one of those problems.

SO WHAT!!! I did it. No book, no help, no skill, no training. Maybe I did a shitty job, I don't care. I feel fucking great. I'll do it by the numbers next time . . . maybe.

Six years of confinement have taken their toll. Maybe I'll post another thread so you can see her come along, you've been with us this far.

There is a beauty in her that needs to be gently brought out. She will need so much more work to bring her back.

Now I must name her, for she is mine.



Since you're using cork float seals, they will leak for a few minutes before sealing. Congrats on getting it running.


Good job!



I went to bed too early. Good for you! That's gotta be pretty satisfying.


RRROARR! WE HAVE FIRE! Way to start my day man!


Excellent work and congratulations! 



After posting this on I got a lot of emails and feedback regarding this thread. I decided to use some of the free space I get from my ISP to put this slightly edited version of the thread. The original version can be found here.

About a week or so later I went ahead and bought new floats and put them in. After what I went through the first putting the floats in seemed ridiculously easy. It took maybe ten minutes.

Even after the rebuild the old floats make the carb look pretty bad. The hard parts are still very clean, but the floats look like hell. I didn't undo the cables. I just undid the hose clamps and let the carb rest on the cylinder heads. That saved a few minutes and kept me from wrecking another barrel adjuster.

Here are the new floats. About $12 each. They sure look nice don't they?

This comes off of the floats, and of course I still do not know what it is called.

It hangs off of the tab that is on the metal between the floats.

They just freaking glow. Just look at 'em. Gorgeous.



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