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More Before Pictures

Left side of engine. Lots of corrosion from sitting so long.

Right side of the engine. The bike has never been down but apparently Jay could get low enough in the corners to scrape the jugs. There is no damage to the fairing, just the valve cover and the crash bars.  


I know when they came out the square valve covers where a hit but I am probably going to go with the old style covers.   The organic look suits the bike well, sort of a "bio-mech" feel.

Photo from Bob's BMW website who sells these covers.


Left side exhaust and rack. Both side are in similar states. The front forks are in better shape.

Left side rear wheel and shock. Most of the bike is pretty much this state. Solid underneath, but the cancer has started to get a pretty good hold on this bike. A complete paint job and stripping down to the frame for powdercoating are required if this bike is going to see another twenty years.

The Luftmeister fairing is in great shape. I just don't like it.  It had everything that was wrong with late 70's motorcycle styling and not much of what I thought was right. I am going to replace it with a BMW "S" type fairing. The mileage when I got the bike was 26,678.

The back rest is going to go.  I will keep it for long rides with my wife.  I am thinking about a cowl to go over the original seat.  Glass from the Past makes one that simply bolts on over the factory seat using the original grab rail holes so they can be switched out pretty easy.

This photo is from the Glass From The Past website.  It look like it should come on and off pretty easy for two-up riding.  White looks l really good on the R100.

Take a look at the license plate and note the year.  This is last time this bike got any kind of road time.

The rear tire is a Metzler and looks like it is in great shape, but the front tire likes like it is starting to get some dry rot. They are both coming off so the wheels can be powdercoated, but I will probably save the bike tire.



Next step - see if she can be started. Before tearing into body and chassis work I want to know that the engine is solid.

dp 01/04


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