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Welcome to my woodworking page. I have recently dedicated my web site to documenting my woodworking journey. Most of my major projects are here and I hope you'll find them interesting if not useful.

I credit my father for my interest in woodworking. He was an avid woodworker and did some pretty neat things with the tools that he had to work with. I do have a few projects under my belt though. I acquired some nice tools in 2004 including the MM16, Delta 17-965 drill press, Leigh D4, Excalibur overarm blade guard and a host of other slightly less expensive tools. I hope to put them all to work in the coming months.

My shop goals for 2005 include plumbing 6 inch S&D for the dust collector and acquiring some kind of sander along the lines of a Performax 22-44. It's looking like I may have to push the sander out to 2006, but the 6 inch S&D should yet happen this year.

  • The Shop - Undergoing changes, but fairly stable.
  • Heirloom Hope Chest - 2005
  • Tack Trunk - Turned Blanket Chest - 2004
  • Tack Trunk II - 2004
  • Router Table - 2003
  • Cavalletti - Little horse jumps. - 2003
  • Unisaw Outfeed Table - and Mods
  • Older Woodworking Projects

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