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 This is a TV stand that I made for my brother & his wife when they got married. (1996) So I didn't get it finished until they were married for a year, but it turned out really nice. This piece is solid oak, with the exception of the back, there isn't a scrap of plywood in it. I spent a lot of hours on this piece and was very happy with the results.
A drop down door that makes a good spot for a VCR or a DVD. The area below could be used for storage or to house other electronics. My brother has his stereo equipment in there. There are wheels on the bottom so that the TV could be turned to face a different direction.
The Countdown Clock. This was a REAL project. I have a friend at work who has some responsibility for New Years Eve activities for the city and was looking for help building a countdown clock for 1998. I happily agreed to work on the cabinets while he worked on the electronics. Each digit of the clock would be a separate cabinet. The digits needed to be large enough to be seen from a good distance, but the cabinets couldn't be so heavy that they were cumbersome to move. I had originally wanted to use 3/4" plywood, but that quickly became to heavy. I ended up using a frame work system that used three inch frames and rolled aluminum flashing, from Home Depot, glued to the frame work. The area around the digits was segmented with a lamp for each segment. The cabinets were eventually covered with 1/8" white translucent acrylic sheets.
This photo ended up in our local paper. You can see the fabulous graphics work done by a local artist. When we moved the cabinets over to Lons house, he worked on getting the electronics installed and the artist worked on the acrylic sheets. Each graphic is in its own segment with its own lamp. The electronics can blink individual lamps or do chase lights, etc.. This was a very cool project, but it was also my first woodworking project where I had a very real deadline. I spent my entire Christmas vacation working long hours on this project. We almost did a second clock for 2000, but some bozo decided to spend 10 times as much on a clock that didn't work. Ha ha!
I built this bookshelf in 2000 for my Aunt Julia. Again it is built of solid 3/4" oak with a solid 1 1/4" top. The shelves are adjustable, but the bookcase is not on wheels.
After I had it finished and put in this location, I was somewhat reluctant to give it up. I have plans to make a similar one for myself.

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