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Traditional Popovers
Popovers from B&B's and Restaurants
Fancy Popovers
Healthy Popovers
Herb and Vegetable Popovers
Fruit and Nut Popovers
Cheese Popovers
Poultry and Seafood Popovers
Meat Popovers
Popovers for Passover
Popover Toppings
Almost Popovers
More Information about Popovers
Food and Recipe Sites
Miscellaneous Sites

Food and Recipe Sites

The Cook's Thesaurus - Suggests substitutions for cooking ingredients and gives conversions.
The Dinner Co-op Page
The Recipe Link (Formerly the Kitchen Link)
Food-Guide - Searchable.
Food, Glorious Food - Lots of recipes.
Pop Over - From the Wizard of Oz.
The Global Gastronomer - Cuisines of the World.
The Low Fat Vegetarian Archive
Veggies Unite! - All kinds of vegetarian information and recipes. - This site has nearly 50,000 recipes.
The Internet Chef On-Line Magazine
Prevention's Healthy Ideas - Recipes and healthy living.
Functions of Baking Ingredients

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Miscellaneous Sites

Quilter's General Store - These folks know a lot about quilting!
Eagle Optics - For great prices on binoculars and scopes.
Backyard Birding - Spectacular photographs.
Richard Israel's Crumb List - Mentions popovers.
Yahoo - Yahoo posted the very first link to the Perfect Popover.   Thanks Yahoo!
Web Counter - These folks are responsible for my free counter.
My Uncle Terwilliger on the Art of Eating Popovers - Dr. Seuss.
Digital Librarian - A librarian's choice of the best of the Web.

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Perhaps you have started to wonder about the origin of popovers.   Click here to read a little about the popover's history and Yorkshire pudding.

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