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Backpacking Foods - General instructions on baking popovers over a campfire!   You have to look for it.
Chef's Corner
Creative Breads: Lesson 4 - From Penn State.
Egg Substitutes - Illinois Coop Extension Service.
Flour Varieties, Facts and Tips - From
Functions of Baking Ingredients - Nebraska Coop Extension Service.
Good science makes good popovers - Star-Bulletin.   The photograph here shows the chef pouring the popover batter from a large lipped pitcher into popover pans on a baking sheet.   (Just like the "Tips & Tricks!)   However, he fills the tins almost full.
High Altitude Cooking - From New Mexico State University
Leaven - Food dictionary definition.
Leavening - At Curly Sue's home page.
Leavening - From Oregon State.
Leavening Agents, Quick Breads, Yeast Breads Module - From the The U.S. Military Dietetic Internship Consortium.
Popover - Food dictionary definition.
Popovers - A recipe plus tips for Southern cooks.
Popovers - Better Homes and Garden Food Encyclopedia, tells how to freeze and reheat popovers.
Popovers and Cream Puffs Questions - From the Univ of British Columbia.
Popovers: Varied Formulas - Iowa State Univ Extension
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