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I provide links to a large number of other websites regarding popovers.   This practice is common and currently considered to be legal.   The vast majority of webmasters with whom I have been in contact are delighted that I provide a link to their web site.   I have also received unsolicited requests from webmasters that I link to their site.   However, if you don't want a link to your web page, please let me know and I will delete the link(s).

I have written the recipes which appear on this web site.
Please do not post them anywhere, including newsgroups.

Since I am not a copyright attorney and understand little about copyright law, I have provided a couple of web links discussing some of the fine points relating to the internet copyright law.

The law firm of Oppedahl & Larson LLP has a very nice section on Web Law.

Cyndi's List also provides a number of informational links regarding internet copyright laws.

Additional Notes:

I would like everyone to know that there are NO advertisements on the Perfect Popover website and I intend to keep it that way.   If you see advertisements, they are frames from someone else's website.   I may or may not agree with the advertisers shown.   My website address is

I reserve the right to use any email you send to me as either a testimonial of the stupendousness of the Perfect Popover.   If you do not want your email to be quoted, I happily honor all requests for confidentiality.   Please put "confidential" anywhere in the email.

I provide links to pages that provide links to the Perfect Popover.   If you have linked to the Perfect Popover and would like a reciprocal link, please email me at .

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The Perfect Popover created and copyright ©1998-2002 by Lynn Bonnett.
All rights reserved.