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Starting Popovers

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popover pan

What do you need to get started?   Not much.   I bought a popover pan like the one pictured here (these give popovers the best puff).   I've known other people who reported good results with muffin pans or earthenware cups.   At least the cups should be higher than wider.   For bite-size popovers, try a mini-muffin pan.

What else do you need?   A good oven thermometer helps to make sure that your oven temperature is accurate.

The complete list of equipment that I like to use is:   popover pan, cookie sheet, oven thermometer, 2-quart lipped measuring cup, small mixing bowl, measuring cups, measuring spoons, spatula, whisk, small bowl for melting the butter, and a pastry brush.

If you can't find a popover pan in a local department store, click here to find some on-line companies to buy the popover equipment you need.

Finally, you need a recipe.   Click here to see a popover recipe.

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