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Make: SNK
Year: 1997
Dimensions: W: 29.3 x D: 35.1 x H: 56.6 (inches)
Compatibility: Jamma/Neo-Geo
Monitor Size: 29"inch (27" viewable)
Rotatable: Yes
Resolution: 15/24khz Standard/Medium
Manual: N/A
Flyer: N/A


    The Super Neo 29 Candy was SNK's last iteration of Candy Cabs. There were a lot of changes from the Neo 29. All the sharp corners have given way to smooth contours. In my opinion, it is the most aesthetically pleasing of the SNK Candies. Brightly colored shapes with smooth gradients and corners make up the artwork and color scheme. The marquee is large with a unique shape and speakers directly below it.

Unfortunately, in this case good looks mean a sacrifice in function.
For one, the bezel and its frame are screwed directly onto the
cabinet, whereas in most candies, the bezel swings up. Also monitor rotation is possible, but is quite a chore. You must remove the bezel and its frame, completely remove the monitor, and reinstall it rotated. The bezel rotates with the monitor and is secured to the bezel frame.

The Super Neo 29's construction is made up of a combination of plastic and metal. The control panel top, bezel, bezel frame, and marquee are all plastic, while the actual shell and bottom of the control panel are metal. This combination allows for stability and mobility.

Just like the Neo 29, the placement of the power supply is right
behind the coin door which has power on/off, degauss, test switch, and voltage adjustment.

The monitor in this model is usually a dual-sync Hitachi, it has an
amazingly bright and clear picture. A remote adjustment board is
mounted on the inside of the control panel, which swings up and is
locked in place by two cam locks which can be accessed from the bottom of the control panel.

This is a great cabinet, it looks and runs great, just suffers from a
couple inconveniences. I endorse it, but I would not recommended it if you are going to be rotating the monitor often.

-Travis B. (TravistyOJ)

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