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Neo 29


Make: SNK
Year: 1993
Dimensions: W: 28.9 x D: 38.4 x H: 56.5 (inches)
Compatibility: Jamma/Neo-Geo
Monitor Size: 29"inch (27" viewable)
Rotatable: Yes
Resolution: 15/24khz Standard/Medium
Manual: N/A
Flyer: 1 2 (Thanks to TAFA)


    SNK's Neo29 is a dedicated Neo-geo Japanese cabinet. I'd have to say this is one of the last of the square style candy cabs. Most of SNK's early work has been even more boxy than this one, if you can believe that. One thing that really draws me to this cabinet is the bright color scheme of the sideart and equally as nice is the control panel art. Equipped with Seimitsu sticks as the factory default they work wonders. They are especially nice for Neo games, which need very tight controls.

    SNK got a lot of things right on this cabinet. I can sum up the cabinet in three words..."easy to access". If you ever need to get to the monitor, the bezel area flips right up and is just a treat. Also they left tons of room inside for your boards. Since a 4-slot is a fairly large PCB, there will be no trouble fitting anything inside of here. Seriously, I could probably fit inside of there! The placement of the power supply is fantastic, right near the coin door area. Power On/Off, Degauss and Test Switch all come standard on this model.

    Hitachi is the monitor of choice in the Neo29. I believe SNK made the right decision on this monitor. It gives the games a very very sharp, scanlined image. This is compared to the Nanao in my New Astro City, which has a softer look to it.

    The Neo29 is a great cab, but since it's older, it's heavier. The cabinet is mostly made of metal and not plastic like most new cabinets. Also it's a discontinued model, so that means locating replacement parts will be far and few. If your a owner of a Neo29 series cabinet, be very proud. It's one of the more rare Japanese cabinets out there.


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