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Make: Sega
Year: 1998
Dimensions: W: 29.9 x D: 36.3 x H: 64.7 (inches)
Compatibility: Model3/JVS Standard
Monitor Size: 29"inch (27" viewable)
Rotatable: Yes
Resolution: 15/24/31khz Std/Med/High
Manual: Yes (PDF)
Flyer: N/A


    Sega's last real only sit-down cabinet is in the form of 1998's Blast City. Another wonderful cabinet produced by Sega. I'm trying to make this an unbiased as possibly as I own this cabinet. I've been after this cabinet for about 2-years. I finally found it in America of all places. Seems like Sega released this cabinet here in the form of Sega "Get Bass". Good thing, it saved me a lot of money and time. Let's get to the overview, now. :)

The cabinet, compared to most candy's, stands like a plastic gaming monolith as it's stature is colossal. The large marquee is set to use Model3 or Naomi shaped headers. Instead of using speakers imbedded on top, they are now at ear level next to the monitor's bezel. Looking inside, the shielded speakers look like hardback books. The sound really is amazing. You can hear crystal clear highs and thumping lows.

The monitor is a sight to behold. A Nanao multi-sync was Sega's choice for the Blast. It's great, because you can get auto-syncing video for all your games. If you want 15/24/31khz video, you have it. This can all be accomplished via D-sub15 connector or VGA as it's commonly known. FYI, no, the monitor is still not easy to rotate, it is however easier to access than the Astros. Once you lift the control panel up, there are two tabs which you pull that release the bezel. Once your finished with your monitor, the bezel snaps right back into place.

Like all Sega cabinets, most control panels fit for your gaming needs. Also if your looking for a dedicated Naomi cab, this one is great. Included is the Sega I/O board all you need is a JVS harness. It's basically plug n' play. On another note, this cabinet does have an internal fan located in the rear, near the power supply.

If your looking for a cabinet that is unusual in shape and has tons of great features, the Blast is a great contender for your gaming needs.


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