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Make: Sega
Year: 1996
Dimensions: W: 29.5 x D: 35.6 x H: 56.8 (inches)
Compatibility: Jamma Standard
Monitor Size: 29"inch (27" viewable)
Rotatable: Yes
Resolution: 15/24khz Standard/Medium
Manual: 1 (Off-site server)
Flyer: N/A


    Sega's second iteration of the Astro series is 1996's New Astro City. There are a few adjustments compared to the 1993 version. These changes are to the new and larger amplified stereo speakers, which give a more robust tone to your games. Also another alteration was to the monitor. Instead of just 15khz standard resolution you also get 24khz medium resolution. So if your looking to play some Virtua Fighter 1-3 your in for a treat.

    I can't really say enough great things about the monitors that are equipped in Sega brand cabinets. Nanao is the usually the monitor of choice and you surely can't go wrong with one. The colors are so bright and vivid you'll want to stare at the attract mode in games, just being in awe. Another spiffy feature is the anti-glare coating integrated on the monitor's tube. If your in a room with tons of light if won't fuss with the pictures definition almost at all.

    Sega set the standard for candy cab part compatibility. Most japanese control panels will fit on an Astro City as this standard has been used since the first Astro in 1993 and is still being used in their Naomi cabinets. You could put a Blast City panel on an Astro and vice-versa. It's a great feature since the Astro City is the easiest to find replacement parts for compared to others such as Jaleco cabinets.

    The New Astro City really is a light cabinet. If your use to wooden Western cabinet, like most are, you'll be in for one hell of a surprise. Like most Japanese cabs, wheels which are located on the back side make for easy maneuverability. One person can pivot and shift around to a different location in a room in seconds.

    Even though this cabinet has many great features, I do have one gripe. There is very little room for a PCB due to the odd position of the power supply. Your left just a few inches of room between the wooden PCB board that is mounted sideways. I suppose it's sufficient for most PCBs, but you will no doubt have problems putting a Neo-Geo MVS or even a Naomi PCB set for that matter.

    There is little doubt in my mind why this is one of the most highly imported and wanted cabinets. It's made of great quality parts, inexpensive and easy to locate replacement parts. So if your looking for a great cabinet and have little space or just want the most bang for your buck, do check out Sega's New Astro City. You won't be disappointed.


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