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Will be closing down for now
Insight was bought out by Time Warner, and Time Warner doesn't have personal web pages.  Hopefully, I'll be back up soon somewhere else.  I may not be able to put up a re-direct, so search for "Leo's Homepage" or "Leo's Speakerbuilding Page" or "Leo's Subwoofer Page" in the next few months.

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Congratulations Louisville Cardinals
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Another New Electronic "Addy":
Here's my new addy for those wishing to contact me (I don't have to share with the wife anymore - therefore I might actually get my webmails, now):

l e o w e b b 9 place att symbol here i n s i g h t b b place dott symbol here c o m

I'm still leery of those internet snooping programs so I didn't write it out completely.  By the way, if that sounds paranoid, I started getting spam, hence the change again.  It probably detected my period followed by 'net.'  Yes, I know I misspelled 'att' and 'dott.'  Do as the highlight says and place the appropriate symbol there.  And of course there are no spaces.

This is my page about speaker building and My Speaker Building Projects.  I hope you find this page interesting and perhaps some of my projects or tips beneficial.  I developed my love for stereos and speakers in the mid-80's.  I was bit by the speaker building bug after reading a book by David Weems which I picked up at a local Radio Shack store.  I purchased a pair of 8" speakers and soft dome tweeters from them and built my first set of speakers (for my sister).  I even wound my own coils!  I've since built car subwoofers, as well as other speakers and subwoofers which you can find on this page.  I've also written my own speaker building program in Visual Basic.  It may be a while before I start the "tips" pages so just check out my subwoofer and basement remodeling projects for now.

About Me:  I am a 50 year old Civil Engineer.  I've been married for 30 years with two children - girls ages 20 and 24 (Ouch!  That car insurance!)  (Ouch!  That college tuition and room and board!)  I graduated from the University of Louisville Speed Scientific School of Engineering .  I am from Louisville, Kentucky, and I haven't traveled far from my roots.  I worked for the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet in pavement design.  Yes, believe it or not, pavements are designed.  Actually, much of my section's work centered on pavement rehabilitation.  If all goes well, I should be retiring at the end of July.  Yeah!!!   If you travel in Kentucky and run into major construction on Interstates or Parkways (not the thin resurfacing projects), those projects came out of my office.

My MAME Arcade Cabinet

My Home Theater subwoofer

Other Speakers
I've combined my projects into their own page

 Subwoofer test clips 

Programs and Spreadsheets  Easy-to-Use Windows SpeakerBuilding Program!

Speaker Building Tips Crossover Tips, MDF vs. Partical Board,
and a basic Speaker Workshop Tutorial for Crossover Design

Linda's (my wife's) page

My Home Theater Basement Remodeling Project (Yawn, Someday I'll get back to it)

Here is some Acoustics Information that may come in handy 

My Family

Receiving My PE License



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