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Ive divided this site into pages for the four main families I descend from, yet each page contains plenty of information on other families whose lines crossed with mine.


Some of the information I have gathered myself through family records, census records, and cemeteries, but a great deal of it is the work of other genealogists, which Ive been fortunate enough to find and add. That said, I cannot guarantee 100% accuracy, but have done my best to weigh the information and decide which parts I believe fit. Ive also tried to note places where there are discrepancies.



To see photos of family members in my direct line, click on the photo albums below.


Brewsaugh Shaw Blevins - Hargis



To see gravestones of my family members, click on the photo album below.




Guidelines for reading the family pages:


* Numbers correspond to generations. For instance, a person listed after a number 1 will be parent of a person listed after a 2, and so on.


* Surnames listed beneath the main family name on each page are those of ancestors in my direct line.


* s = spouse

b = born

m = married

d = died

abt = about

aft = after

bef = before


* Names in ALL CAPS are my direct ancestors.


* All family groups pertinent to my line are listed, and groups are listed for the most part from oldest to newest on each page. By locating the names in my line (in CAPS), you can follow from one group to the next.



Should you have any questions, comments, or corrections to any of the information in these pages, please e-mail me.









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