Hillbilly Ph.D.

How a blue collar work ethic can be more important than school learnin'


What is a Hillbilly PhD? Well, obviously it is a fictitious degree. However, it is something that I am taking fairly seriously. It is not about defending any group of people or anything like that. It is about exploring what makes people successful. Many people have their notions about what a Hillbilly is. Most people believe that they are backwoods uneducated people. Hillbillyís are believed to be uncultured, lazy, hard drinking, loafers. The term is most often used as a derogatory term or used in making fun of someone. That is not how I see a Hillbilly. Being from Kentucky, I see it a different way. Oh sure, I do believe there are the stereotypical types, but when I say Hillbilly, I am talking about the good qualities of downhome people. People that believe you give a honest days work for an honest days wage. I am talking about people that get things done. Over the course of the next few weeks I hope to redefine what a Hillbilly is. It is O.K. to continue to have fun with the term and make jokes about the way we talk, but I hope to shed light on the good qualities of good olí boys and girls.The PhD. in this instance stands for: Puttin in a Hard Days work. I hope to get some real life examples of people that have overcome great obstacles to achieve big things in life and in business. Better yet, I hope to get examples of people that have found a way to keep family first and still be successful inspite of lifes challenges. Good olí boys and girls learn a lot of life lessons that are extremely valuable and can seldom be taught in school. I hope that this site develops into that kind of educational entity. Thanks for takiní the time to read this and yall come back now, ya hear! I have learned that the best education comes from life experience,time is the most precious thing we have,and family is our greatest gift. © Copyright 2006 Hillbilly PhD.. All rights reserved