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Once you have had a power drawbar you will never go back. But you don't have to spend 700 bucks on a new one. I have compiled info showing how I built 2 power drawbars for both my Bridgeport Mills for less than 200 bucks each. Even cheaper depending on what you have on hand.

The hard part is the pneumatic circuit. How it works and where to get the parts which I explain in detail. Lets face it, this thing is not that complicated!!

10 bucks gets you an emailed file (Acrobat) from me containing 11 page detailed instructions, pictures, and drawings and a parts list and price list plus sources for all your parts. You can choose to do it my way or use the info in addition to what you have on hand.

You must have Adobe Acrobat and WinZip to use the electronic data I send. You must also be able to view .dxf files to use the part drawings, but drawings are also included in the instructions if you donít have the ability to view .dxf files. Obviously you must have a source of compressed air. You must have a milling machine or access to one and access to a lathe for one operation. But of course you have a mill or why would you need a power drawbar I will try to reply to all purchases within 24 hours.

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