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Build Your Own High Speed Spindle Instructions NEW LATHE ATTACHMENT!

A simple, high speed air spindle for engraving, grinding, or milling with small diameter tools. These plans describe a simple, light duty spindle you can build in a few hours.  The tool is designed to hold 1/4" bits but you can adapt it to 1/8" and smaller tools.

This is a LIGHT DUTY spindle capable of cutting approximately .06" deep in hard wood at 50 inches per minute feedrate with a 1/4" cutter. You must have a source of compressed air - 3 CFM at 90 PSI minimum.

Total cost to build it is about 30 bucks, and it is small. Only takes up about 4 inches of Z height. Less that the average drill bit!!. Also included instructions for mounting on a Sherline mill, and now includes drawings for lathe attachment.  This is an even more useful, fantastic for machining parts in the spindle or as a mini toolpost grinder!!!

10 bucks gets you a 10 page emailed file (Adobe Acrobat) from me containing detailed instructions and drawings plus sources for all your parts. You can choose to do it my way or use the info in addition to what you have on hand.

You must have Adobe Acrobat and WinZip to use the electronic data I send. Obviously you must have a source of compressed air. The air spindle can be built with a lathe and a drill press. I will try to reply to all purchases within 24 hours.

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