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Crossroads Paranormal Radio

January 31st 8 EST


 Ghost Hunters International

 Paranormal Investigator

Shannon Sylvia


Join Kris and Sheila as they talk with Shannon Sylvia of Ghost Hunters. Shannon grew up in a historic town and has had a long interest in the paranormal.  She has been investigating the paranormal in search of answers to the unexplainable events that are happening to others as well as her own.


Don't forget to tune into Ghost Hunters International Wednesday nights.  Check your local listings for times.




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The book "Dark Force" by Bill Bean is now available to order by clicking HERE

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Sunday Nights 8 EST


Join husband and wife team, Kris and Mike, every Sunday night for 2 hours starting at 8 EST as they discuss anything and everything paranormal with various members of the paranormal community.


Even though they have a lot in common and are both paranormal investigators, Kris believes that ghosts exist and that we have just not yet been able to provide concrete evidence and not sure if we ever will, Mike on the other hand has never had a paranormal experience and thinks that they could exist but he has never seen anything to convince him that they do.



Thursday Nights 8 EST


Kris and Sheila are your hosts for the Thursday night show starting at 8 EST.  Kris and Sheila will discuss different paranormal "hot topics", "weird" news and will be joined by various members of the paranormal community.




If you missed the live show you can always listen to the archive or download/subscribe to the show from any of the Podcasters listed on the Podcasters page.


Orbs are......


Dust, Pollen, Rain, Snow, Moisture and other Airborne Particles

Natural Energy
Spirit Energy
The early stages of a ghostly manifestation
The Ghost's footprints
Paranormal because no one knows for sure
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