Michael is the Tech Manager and Skeptic for Crossroads Paranormal© Michael was born and raised in Marion, Indiana.  He moved to Lafayette, Indiana in 1991 where he currently resides with his wife Kris. 

Michael currently works for an auto manufacturing company and has been with his current employer since 1990.

Michael did not grow up in a haunted house and claims to never have had a paranormal experience which leaves him skeptical about life after death.  He does say that there is a possibility that ghosts exist but he has not seen any evidence strong enough to support claims of the paranormal.  As the Skeptic of Crossroads Paranormal© Michael works to find logical and natural explanations for reported paranormal phenomena.  To learn more about Michael you can visit his complete Bio under the "Hosts" tab.


Current 2007  Host of Crossroads Paranormal Radio©

Current 2006  Tech Manager, Skeptic Crossroads Paranormal©, Indiana


In Mike's spare time he enjoys computers, photography, golfing, football, hunting, traveling and the great outdoors.


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