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In 1999 I joined a band that had been on the circuit for less than a year.  Little did I know that this thing called Shades Of Wrong would explode into one of Indy's favorite cover bands, and these four folks would become some of my best friends! 

After busting our ass for a few months adding nearly 100 songs to our play list, and playing small clubs, we caught our big break around Christmas time when the GM for one of the premier Indy clubs saw us perform.  He booked us right away, and that led to regular gigs for nearly 4 years straight at two of the most sought after clubs in Indy - World Mardi Gras @ Circle Center and CT Peppers.  From 2000 until 2003 we juggled between several clubs, and some college fraternity parties at a pace of about every other weekend.  In between we managed to record our CD which contained five originals (my favorite is playing in the background!) and three of our favorite covers.  You can check out my four favorite originals as well as one of our favorite cover tunes below.

Of course this workload of nearly 90 shows in just over 4 years began to take its toll - you have to remember this was just a hobby for five folks that all worked full time!  About the same time we began to burn out, the local music scene was taking quite a dive.  World Mardi Gras had closed up shop, and several clubs were hiring "House Bands" or opting for DJ's instead of bands all together.  After a couple break-ups and reunions of sorts, we amicably called it quits in 2005, and suffice to say we are all still pretty good friends! 

Shades Of Wrong:

   Ted Elliot - Lead & Rhythm Guitars, Backing Vocals

   Jimmy Slaymon - Bass Guitar, Backing Vocals

   Shandena Mills-Slaymon - Lead Vocals

   Scott McMurray - Drums

   Jason Smith - Lead & Rhythm Guitars, Backing Vocals & On-stage Bull-shitter ;-)

All Songs Protected by Copyright, 2003 (except where noted)

                       90 Days          Put Me Down         Life          Shallow          Rock N Roll (Led Zepplin)