1991 Honda VFR
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OK, so its not really a car!  I owned a 1987 Yamaha FZ 600 when I was in college.  It was great for getting around campus, without the need for taking the bus - well, except for those cold, wet or snowy days!  There was a group of about 6 of us that went riding all the time, and I was hooked.  I sold that bike soon after college because it wasn't worth much.  But I always had the itch.  In the spring of 1998 I found a low mileage, mint condition '91 VFR at a great price and scarfed it up.  It was a great bike - very comfortable and easy to ride.  I didn't do much to it other than put on new tires, a K & N filter, and shaved the hideous rear finder.

I didn't have a lot of friends with bikes, and those that did either sold them off, or converted to Harley guys.  But when gas prices went sky high, I rode it a lot to work - until of course I changed jobs that required me to carry a lot of stuff.  The first couple years I rode about 1000 miles each year.  Then it did more sitting in my garage than anything else.  After about 3 years of this and barely 5 tanks of gas, I decided to sell it while I could still get my money out of it - and focus my automobile efforts towards Mustangs! 

Part of me still wants it back, and part of me wants to just stick to 4 wheels.  But the guy I sold it to has contacted me to let me know he only put 2000 miles on it before he learned he cannot ride again because of a neck ailment.  He said he'll let me know if he decides to get rid of it - so you never know?!

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