1978 Ferrari 308
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One of the local area doctors where I live was always known for his collection of Ferraris, Jags, Mercedes and other cool European cars.  In the late '90s our familes became good friends, and naturally he became my family doctor.  We became such good friends, that one day out of the blue he asked me if I would like take his Ferrari 308 (The Magnum PI car) for a weekend!!  How can you say no to that!!

So sure enough, he brought it over as promised - and my roomates (at the time) and I started salivating.  We spend a couple hours detailing it out and waxing it as I promised I would do.  He wasn't one for spending a LOT of time cleaning them up, and he knew I loved to detail my cars - so I think that might have been part of his motivation!  But I was happy as hell to park that car at my house and give it my personal touch.

My buddy Craig and I finished the detail job and hit the town.  First up was a local cruise in where all eyes were of course on the Ferrari.  Then we hit the local Hooters and had some of the girls pose with us in front of the car.  Nothing grabs a crowd like them Hooter gir.....er, uh Ferrari's ;-)  Then we just cruised where ever we could imagine.  Man we were on cloud nine - and believe it or not, we were VERY responsible with that car.  When we got home, we parked it in the garage by itself, drank a few beers and just smiled!  What a fun weekend.

Unfortunately, this lovely car came to a fiery death one day on the interstate thanks to some sort of fuel malfunction.  I wasn't around to see it, but I'm quite sure I shed a tear :-(

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