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Shipping is extra and not included in the price list. Orders of:
One Two Three+ Ten+
Gas Pump and Air Station $300.00 $275.00ea $250.00ea $225.00ea
Gas Pump and Air Station Kit requires paint & some assembly 255.00 250.00ea 245.00ea 240.00ea
Gas Pump 250.00 235.00ea 225.00ea 220.00ea
Electric Traffic Light 115.00 105.00ea 100.00ea 90.00ea
Air Station  55.00  50.00ea  45.00ea 40.00ea
Oil Rack 55.00 50.00ea  45.00ea 40.00ea
1930's Style Traffic Signal 50.00 45.00ea  42.50ea 40.00ea
Globe Lamp any color or logo 50.00 45.00ea  42.50ea 40.00ea
Water Can 25.00 23.00ea  21.00ea 20.00ea
Tire and Stand 25.00 23.00ea  21.00ea 20.00ea
Gas Pump, Air Station, Oil Rack, Water Can, Tire & Stand 350.00 345.00ea 340.00ea 330.00ea
Stake bed wagon, choice of color 115.00 110.00ea 105.00ea 100.00ea
Small 36" Curio Cabinet any color globe, several options 225.00      
Texaco 30" Wall/Desk top Curio Cabinet any color & logo 100.00      
Wooden Curio Cabinet any color, globe, several options Prices start at $450.00, email for more information

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