Gas Pump style Curio Cabinets

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  Wood stained cabinets are solid sassafras.  Painted cabinets are made of solid pine.  They are painted with an automotive acrylic enamel.  They can be painted in any color combination, to match the gas pump globe logos or we can use your logo.  Most all older major oil company reproduction logos are available.  The larger cabinets come with five glass shelves that are adjustable every two inches.  More shelves can be added.  The edges of the shelves are polished so their are no sharp edges.  The front glass is shatter proof for safety.  The interior has fluorescent lighting and the globe has an incandescent bulb.  Both run on one standard 110 volt lamp cord.   Access is through the two side doors.  Options include locking doors, mirrored back, extra shelves, color combination and logo.   If you have questions please write.

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