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Welcome to Pedals-N-Pumps!  Click on the buttons below left to see pictures from my collection, including pedal cars, pedal tractors, pedal car accessories, full sized gas pumps, and gas pump style curio cabinets.  Enjoy! And please sign my guest book! 

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My pedal car sized gas pumps, accessories and the gas pump curio cabinets are custom made!  Prices start as low as $25.00!

                  This is where it all began.                 
            This car was handed down 4 times           
                but I loved that old Pontiac! 

     I'm looking for unrestored Pontiacs like the

one pictured above.  Can you help me find one???                                     
           Check out one of our newest offerings 
           Pedal car sized Gas Pump style Curio Cabinets!! 
            Click here for more detail!
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A few of my pedal cars
A few of my pedal tractors
A few of my gas pumps

 Gas Pump Style Curio Cabinets These are for Sale!

Pedal car sized gas pumps & accessories For Sale!   
Fill'er up

My 1936 Plymouth Street Rod Project

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Want to see what your car would look like chopped?  

Thinking of lowering your car, different wheels, different color,

flames, stripes, tinted windows!

 Send us a picture via the email link below, and we'll chop it, hack it and send it back to you. 

Get your car truly customized before you pay out the nose and decide it doesn't look as good

as you had imagined.  High quality pictures with simple backgrounds work best. 

Make sure to include all instructions and pictures you would like incorporated. 

Have questions?  Write us today!

Attn: Get your request in now, it's free for a limited time only