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About Us




About Us




o    To encourage the practice and development of plein air painting in the Central Kentucky area. To promote camaraderie among artists.

o    To initiate and support shows and sales by members who do plein air painting.

o    To obtain, develop and share expertise in plein air painting for all members.

o    To provide opportunities for members to paint, socialize and publicize their skills and works.

How We Work


o    Scheduled paint-outs, shows and other activities are shown on the Calendar.


o    The group meets in the early spring each year to plan the paint-outs and other activities for the year.  Each activity has a contact person responsible for obtaining needed permission for the site, the decision to proceed/cancel due to weather conditions, sending out reminder emails a week in advance with directions and start time, attending the paint-out and insuring the locale is left as it was before we arrived.

o    Members communicate via email from our Google Group. New members are added by the administrators of the group. In addition, members can update our Facebook Page as they like.

o    This web site contains the calendar and other links helpful for plein air painters. In addition, members may telephone or email one another and arrange painting trips at any time.


o    Members are responsible for their artistic development and marketing their works.




·         The public – Any painter is welcome to come to paint-outs. In only a few cases, where only a limited number of painters can be accommodated, members will have priority. Painters and Members are notified approximately one week in advance of upcoming paint-outs. If you would like to be on the mailing list, email Dan McGrath at

·          Members – Dues are $40 per year, payable by April 1st each year. Make checks payable to ” Plein Aire Painters of the Bluegrass” and mail to:

 Ann N. Bass, 1212 Indian Mound Drive, Lexington, Kentucky 40502

Members can attend critique sessions and mini-workshops without charge. A member show is organized each year; these are juried and reserved for members who regularly attend paint-outs. Other events for which we incur costs will require a fee for non-members to attend.

Updated 03/16/17