The Classic Years: 1935 - 1939
This collection is a work in progress and designed to aid fellow Christie fans in reviewing first editions of Christie's work published in the United States. The following is a list and graphic of Agatha Christie's works (except omnibus story collections) published in the USA by Dodd, Mead except where noted, with number of pages and price on dust jacket.
+ Denotes publication in the U.S. precedes U.K. publication (occurs twenty times)

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Death in the Air published March 10, 1935; (UK as Death in the Clouds); Poirot & Japp, 304 pp. $2.00 + 

The Boomerang Clue (Published in UK as Why Didn't They Ask Evans?) 1934,1935  290 pp. $2.00 

The ABC Murders published February 14, 1936; first appeared in Cosmopolitan issue of November, 1935; Poirot, Hastings & Japp, 306 pp. $2.00 

Murder in Mesopotamia 1936 Poirot, 298 pp. $2.00

Cards on the Table 1936,1937 Poirot, Battle, Ariadne Oliver, Col. Race, 262 pp. $2.00 
Poirot Loses a Client (Published in UK as Dumb Witness) 1937 Poirot & Hastings, 302 pp. $2.00 
Dead Man's Mirror published in June, 1937; (UK as Murder in the Mews); Short stories. Poirot, Hastings & Japp., 290 pp. $2.00
Death on the Nile 1937,1938 Poirot & Race, 326 pp. $2.00 

Appointment with Death 1938 Poirot, 301 pp. $2.00 
The Regatta Mystery 1939 Short stories. Poirot, Hastings, Marple & Parker Pyne, 229 pp. $2.00 (This title not published in UK) 

Murder for Christmas published February, 1939; (UK as Hercule Poirot's Christmas, also as A Holiday for Murder in paperback) ; Poirot, 272 pp. $2.00 
Easy to Kill published September, 1939; (UK as Murder is Easy);  Battle, 248 pp. $2.00 

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