The Classic Years: 1940 - 1944
This collection is a work in progress and designed to aid fellow Christie fans in reviewing first editions of Christie's work published in the United States. The following is a list and graphic of Agatha Christie's works (except omnibus story collections) published in the USA by Dodd, Mead except where noted, with number of pages and price on dust jacket.
+ Denotes publication in the U.S. precedes U.K. publication (occurs twenty times)

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And Then There Were None  published January, 1940 with 1st printing December, 1939; (UK as Ten Little Niggers, also play published as Ten Little Indians) 264 pp. $2.00 
Sad Cypress published 1940; first appeared in Colliers Magazine beginning November 25, 1939; Poirot, 270 pp. $2.00
The Patriotic Murders published February 1941; (UK as One, Two Buckle My Shoe);  first appeared in Colliers Magazine beginning August, 1940; 240 pp. $2.00

N or M? 1941 Tommy & Tuppence, 289 pp. $2.00 +

Evil Under the Sun published October, 1941; Hercule Poirot, 260 pp. $2.00

The Body in the Library published February, 1942; Marple, 245 pp. $2.00 +
Murder in Retrospect published May, 1942 (Published in UK as Five Little Pigs) Poirot, 234 pp. $2.00 +
The Moving Finger published July 1942; first appeared serialized in Colliers Magazine beginning March 28, 1942; Marple, 229 pp. $2.00 +
Towards Zero published June 1944 with first printing December 1943; first appeared serialized as "Come and Be Hanged" in Colliers Magazine beginning May 6, 1940; Battle, 242 pp. $2.00 + (true first printing does not have "Published by Blakiston" on title page)
Death Comes as the End published October, 1944, 223 pp. $2.00 +
Absent in the Spring written as Mary Westmacott, (Farrar & Rinehart NY) 1944, 250 pp. $2.50

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