The Classic Years 1930 - 1934
This collection is a work in progress and designed to aid fellow Christie fans in reviewing first editions of Christie's work published in the United States. The following is a list and graphic of Agatha Christie's works (except omnibus story collections) published in the USA by Dodd, Mead except where noted, with number of pages and price on dust jacket.
+ Denotes publication in the U.S. precedes U.K. publication (occurs twenty times)

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The Mysterious Mr. Quin 1930 Short stories. Harley Quin & Satterthwaite, 290 pp $2.00 

The Murder at the Vicarage 1930 Marple, 319 pp. $2.00 (price does not appear on jacket flap)

Giant's Bread written as Mary Westmacott, (Doubleday Garden City) 1930, 358 pp. $1.00 

The Murder at Hazelmoor (Published in UK as The Sittaford Mystery) 1931, 308 pp. $2.00 +

Peril at End House February, 1932 Poirot, Hastings & Japp, 270 pp. $2.00

The Floating Admiral (for the Crime Club, Inc. by Doubleday Doran & Company, Garden City, NY) 1932, with others.  309 pp. $2.00 
The Tuesday Club Murders (Published in UK as The Thirteen Problems) 1932,1933 Short stories. Marple, 253 pp. $2.00 (facsimile dust jacket)

13 at Dinner (Published in UK as Lord Edgeware Dies) 1933 Poirot, Hastings & Japp, 305 pp. $2.00

Mr. Parker Pyne, Detective (Published in UK as Parker Pyne Investigates) 1934, 245 pp. $2.00. 

Murder in the Calais Coach  (Published in UK as Murder on the Orient Express)1934 Poirot 302 pp. $2.00 #

Murder in Three Acts (Published in UK as Three Act Tragedy) 1934 Poirot & Satterthwaite, 279 pp. $2.00 +

Unfinished Portrait written as Mary Westmacott, (Doubleday GC) 1934, 323 pp $2.00 
Front of book is blank--spine pictured.


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