Hi everyone, my name is Daisy Womack. I am a fresh people at Pats. I was born in Dec.29/1989, and now I am 15 years old. I like to laugh and make fun things. I also like to read poems and write poems about love. I like to watch cartoons because it is funny and never make me bored. Oh! By the way I am from Pohnpei Island, The sacred place in Micronesia. So, my best friend name is Lupe Reimers. We like to hang out and tell jokes to each other and pretend that we are poets. Well this is my story about my life. Thank yaíll for reading. Thank you for being here today!!!!!!!!!!!


WAZ UP YAíLL!!  My name is Jonathan Karwog.  I am a Yapese from the island of Yap and I am 13 years of age. I am the youngest freshmen here at PATS ICE SCHOOL.  Yaíll can call me John.  I plan on majoring in Marine Science but I guess Iíll major in that somewhere else. I believe in the lord Jesus and that is all.




There once a girl who was born on December 24, 1989 on the island of Pohnpei.  Her name is Kesusa Marquez.  She has no brothers or sisters.  Her favorite sports are volleyball and basketball. The car that she wished to own in the future is a Mustange.  She wants to become a lawyer someday. When she was growing up, she was really closed to her two cousins Nicole and Adam.

            Now she is attending the best school called PATS.  She is taking computer in Ms. Longest class.  Ms. Longest is a kind, smart, funny, and loving teacher.  Kesusa met new friends that are fun to hang out with.  While at Pats she learned to take care of herself and to do the right responsibilities.  She also learned new things from the other students.

            Lastly, that girl is me in the picture, for those who will read this; my advice to you is not put anything before education.  For me as a girl, I always say that girls they want to have fun, but first ďEDUCATIONĒ.  Good bye and good luck!!



Hi, my name is Kurt Jim and I born in Pohnpei State Hospital at Nett on March 8 1989.  I am from Mokil, which is an outer island of Pohnpei.  I am a Freshmen now at Pohnpei Academic and Trade School, (PATS).  I live in Mapwusi, Kolonia.  I like hang around with my friends.  My favorite time to hang around is at night.  I like to break-dance and chew betel nut.  My favorite food is barbeque and pizza.  My favorite snacks are chips and cookies with chocolate milk.  I also like to listen to rap and pop songs and play video games.  I donít stingy people and vegetables.  In school I like science and math subject.  I donít like people letting me down or making me embarrass.  My favorite color is blue and red.  I like to play volleyball.  I also like to help my friends when they are in trouble or needing my help.


Wazz up, my name is Dupz of Lupz of Reimers.  Just joking to you, my name is Lupe Reimers.  Iím half Ponapean and Marshallese of cheese.  I am the cold of the old among my sisters and brother.  You know where Iím attending so you donít need to ask.  I mean here, Iím attending the Universe City of Pats High School.  Ohiei!  Hey, where am I?  Werror, here I am!  So Iím 15 years old, I was born in 9/26/89.  Well I have one friend name Daisy Womack, which you can call Stony, because she likes to laugh all day.  She is a really good friend of mine.  So that is all, amen.  Peace yaíll, oh I miss one thing, Iíve been trying my to do my grades well so I could make my style whenever I want.  Then ah, I would be shy.  This is also because my parent could be proud of me also they spend lot of money on me.  As I try my best, I cry but cannot but still trying because there is a way.


Hello there!  My name is Novpanti Weital.  I am attending PATS (Ponape Agriculture and Trade School).  It is one of the best high schools in the FSM (Federated States of Micronesia) which is located in the south of the Pacific Ocean.  At this time I am fifteen years old and I at my freshmen year at PATS.  With the help of this school, I will consider myself a matured man.  I cannot believe how much help that this school give me but I can feel that I am a grown up.  Even though I am not a good looking guy, but I have the power in my own sorrowful words.  Iím just kidding and see you later cause I am having a long three days weekend. 02/25/05


Hi there!  My name is Seraphina Fanaglibuw,but you can call me Pugie.  I am from the beautiful island and state of Yap.  As you can see my favor of talents has not yet been decided.  I am a girl full of discoveries ahead of me.  I am 14 years of age and already I am a woman from the heart.  This is my first and last year at PATS.  I enjoyed and am grateful for the students I made friends with and getting to know their culture.  I respected their culture and hope to gain respect from them to my own culture as well.  I am very fond of my island.  I like visiting new places.  I enjoyed Pohnpei very much.  I hope that Iíll come back and visit this island and my friends again one day.  Got to go!!!!!


Hellow, friends.  This is me, life should be, fun for everyone.  My name is Rod David, also known as DíI.  I am from Pohnpei, and Iím a PATS student.  I hope that you would not hate me from the way I act, and the way I look.  I am also a very shy student.

            In my life, I promised that I will never put any kinds of drugs one inch close to my mouth.  Drugs are the only thing I really did not like in the world.  I think thatís why I did not have lots of friends.

            Things that I like are more than things that I did not like.  I like to play sports, especially baseball.  This I am practicing how to play basketball so that I can have two favorite sports.  I really like PATS, but the only thing I donít like is some of their meats.  Such as hot dogs, turkey, and ground beef.  I also like to play ping pong but sometimes it made me felt embarrassed when I loose. The last thing is that every I got bored, the only thing I used to do is to drum with my fingers to make me feels good.



Hi yall, Iím Sean B Lund Iím from the island of Palau even though Iím white and my last name isnít Palauan, but thatís where I was born, raised ,and proud to be from.  My father is from Canada and thatís why Iím not dark.  You probably know Ellen and gentry so Iíll tell you a secret Ö theyíre my cousins but only though my Palauan side.  By the way Iím 14 yrs old and I was born on Jan 26 1991.  So that Iím still young and wild even though most of the girls think Iím older (he he).  Oh by the way my Palauan name is Brikt but you have to say it in a way to get it right.  Well I hope I meet you in Palau someday.  Peace out




            My name is Slay Hadley.  I was born on May 9; 1990.  I am 14 years old.  I am from the beautiful island in Micronesia called Pohnpei.  I love to joke around with all the people I know.  I have a best friend named Rod David.  People always say that I am kind.  And I love the way I am.  I came to this school to take marine science; but too bad the school is closing down.  I love pop songs as you know the movie You Got Served.


Zup! My name is Tarsis Raffilug,my friends call me Taz.  Iím from the state of Yap,well the Outer Islands of Yap,Woleai.  I Ďm a PATS student,Freshmen my major is mechanic,and I like to listen to hip-hop music.My favorite hobby is playing basketball.  I always dream of coming to this trade school,in order for me to get my major.  Since this school is closing down I think itís over for me.  Bye!


Hello my name is Jim Carry ah!! Iím just kidding.  Hi and hello my name is Terry Sidney.  Iím from the state of Pohnpei.  Iím a Pats student.  I like to do what I can do.  I donít like to do what I cannot.  Ah! Ah! Iím just kidding.  I love to do hard things and, also I like to joke around with people especially those that I donít know, so I can get use to them.  Well you know what Iím tired of typing, so stop reading it.  Ah! Ah! Iím just kidding.  Take care and peace out. 









The top dog

Terry sidney



Hi there my name is Timothy Hadley.  Iím from one of the four states that combined together and make FSM, which is the Federated State of Micronesia.  Iím from Pohnpei State.  It is the biggest state in the FSM.  Iím also known as the first and last fresh person attending here at Pohnpei Acadamic and Trade School.  Iím fifteen and a half years of age.  My favorite sport is basketball.  I would really want you to visit Pohnpei.  Lastly but not the least, I really love this class.  Our teacher is very good.  Sheís the coolest teacher.  Thatís all I can say.  Thank you and good-bye.




My name is Vincia Lefagorang.  I am from Yap; I graduated from outer island of Yap which is Lamotrek.  Maybe you wonít know this island, because it is very small.  Anyway my favorite subject is Math and literature.  I always want to make my fiends happy, because we are away from our parents.  One thing we always do is, playing volleyball.

The only thing I like to do, is going on the farm and look for fruit.  I really like this place because it is very big.  It is a good place for us to play around and have fun.  If this school will close down, I will miss all my classmates, teachers, and friends.  I wish we will continue.  Maybe itís time to go see you.

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