My Masters Family Tree
(last updated on December 21, 2009)


I am very much interested in any information anyone has regarding my family tree!
-Mark Masters


My Kids



My Generation



Ruth and Mark live in Hope AR.  They have two sons: Jeffrey and Joshua.

Lois and Mike live in Versailles, KY.  They have one son: Matthew.

Cheryl and I live in Lexington, KY.  Cheryl is originally from North Carolina.  We met at Berea College and were married 23-May-1983.  I work for Ashland Inc. and we go to church at Boone's Creek Baptist Church.

 Mary and Terry live in Elizabethtown, KY.  They have two daughters: Kristy and Ashley.


My Dad's Generation



My mom and dad and dad' sisters live in Elizabethtown, KY.


My Grandfather's Generation



Charlie died of an infection a month after breaking his arm and is buried at Sycamore Methodist Cemetery.

My grandpa lived in Elizabethtown, KY and is buried at Hardin Memorial Gardens.


My Great Grandfather's Generation



My great grandpa lived in Elizabethtown, KY and is buried at Sycamore Methodist Cemetery.   He kept a daily journal for almost 40 years.  His first wife was Lethia E Peck who died months after childbirth.  Lethia and their infant child, who died during childbirth, are buried at Maffet's Cemetery in Elizabethtown.


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My GG Grandfather's Generation



My gg-grandpa lived in Elizabethtown, KY and is buried at Sycamore Methodist Cemetery.  Per Civil War records, he was drafted on September 24, 1864 in the Union Army, Company F of the 21st Regiment of Kentucky Volunteers commanded by Captain Jasper F Morton and was honorably discharged at Camp Harper (Nashville, TN) on June 21, 1865.  On march between Strawberry Plain and Bulk's Gap, TN during the winter of 1864/1865, he contracted "disease of lungs" from exposure and spent six weeks in a Huntsville, AL hospital.  This illness contributed to his death many years later.  He was 5' 6" tall, light complexion, dark hair, and gray eyes.


Sarah Jane Stader's parents were John Stader (1799-1878) and Susannah Crowe (1801-1900).  Sarah's siblings were Mary Ann Stader (married Clay Shelton), John Stader (married Rachel Stovall, kids were William C, Ida, James, Sudie, John Horace, Hezekiah), Isabelle Catherine Stader (married Henry Franklin Patterson, child Lizzie Mae), and Nancy E Stader (married George W Bailey, kids were Owen, Alex, Isabelle, Myrtle, Minnie, Colmore, Bridge, Henry, and Joseph C).


My GGG Grandfather's Generation



William Selby Masters is buried at Sycamore Methodist Cemetery in Hardin County (just north of Elizabethtown).  He relocated from Washington, KY to just north of Elizabethtown, KY sometime during his life, probably in the 1840s or 1850s.

Yes.  The same William Wathen married both Ann and Deborah.


My GGGG Grandfather's Generation



Joshua Masters was born in Prince Georges County, Maryland and died in December 1835 in Washington County, KY.  Elizabeth's parents were William Wilson Selby and Elizabeth ?.  William Wilson's parents were William MacGruder  Selby and Martha Wilson.  William MacGruder's parents were William Selby and Sarah MacGruder.  Elizabeth's brother Richard was in Maryland in 1795 and later moved to Hardin County, KY.  More than likely, Joshua and Elizabeth accompanied Richard on this move.


My GGGGG Grandfather's Generation



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My GGGGGG Grandfather's Generation



William Masters was born in Calvert County, Maryland and died after 1771 in Prince George County, Maryland.   Mary was born 1693 in Calvert County, Maryland.  She was the daughter of Nathan Veitch and Ann Clagett and died before 1770  in Prince George County, Maryland.


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