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Welcome!  My great-grandfather, James Colmore Masters, kept a daily farm journal between the mid 1890's and the early 1930's.  In his writings, of which there are five volumes, he recorded key events in the life of his family, neighbors, and community.  He lived north of Elizabethtown, Kentucky near the Mill Creek area of Hardin County.  His old homestead is now part of the Fort Knox Reservation.

It is with a sense of awe that I share his writings which I've titled "Memories from a Lifelong Journey."  His dedication and persistence in recording daily entries for such a long period of time serve as an inspiration.  With such a simple, to-the-point factual style, he shared of a time not so long ago that clearly contrasts to present day.  Life was hard and moved at a slow, deliberate pace.  Convenience was not in the vocabulary.  Yet, life clearly was, as it remains today, a journey full of joy and pain, of fellowship and sorrow, and of change.

If the journal is helpful to you or if you connect to my family tree, I would love to hear from you. Just email me at

Table of Contents

James Colmore Masters' Journal - "Memories from a Lifelong Journey" (with Frames)

James Colmore Masters' Journal - "Memories from a Lifelong Journey" (without Frames)

Farms Along Old Shepherdsville Road

Sycamore: Church, Cemetery, and School

My "Masters" Family Tree

My "Lutz" Family Tree

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