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Anderson, Joseph M. (at KG)
Bobbett, James (at KG)
Clipp, Hamilton (at KG)
Cole, Dr. William A. (at KG)
Craig, Robert Marion (at KG)
Davis, Samuel B. (at KG)
Dodds, Adam (at KG)
Kingsley, William A. (at KG)
Patterson, Hugh A. (at KG)
Shaffer, David (at KG)


Some Harrison Co. Births (at KG)
Laconia area Births (at KG)


Cemeteries & location, by township
Marsh Burying Ground (at KG)
Old St. Peters Cemetery
Union Chapel Submitted by Tamara Jones


1810 Partial (at KG)
1820 (at USGenWeb Census Project)
1860 Boone Twp 1 (at KG)
1860 Boone Twp. 2 (at KG)
1860 Boone Twp. 3 (at KG)
1860 Boone Twp 4 (at KG)
1860 Boone Twp 5 (at KG)


Harrison Co., IN History Book


Crowe to Kingsley (at KG)
Dodd to Kingsley (at KG)
Ganaway to Dodd (at KG)
Ganaway to Kingsley (at KG)
King to Dodd (at KG)
Kingsley to McBride (at KG)

Mail Lists, Newsletters

Harrison Co., IN @ Kentuckiana
Harrison County @ Yahoo


1880 Laconia & New Salisbury


Miltary Records
Rev. War Soldiers Buried here
IN Soc. Sons of the Amer. Rev.

Misc. Family Files



Corydon Cricket - 10AUG1878
Orange Peelings


Hurst, John (at KG)
Kingsley, William Anthony (at KG)


Our Harrison County Group
Kentuckiana Genealogy


Weisman, Michael J. (at KG)

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