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Coming May 14th 2004:

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The Golden Years Presents:
Triple Threat Comics vol.1

This collection features 5 "new" stories each of Black Terror, Daredevil, and Doll Man, plus bonus tales originally presented on this site for a total of 24 nail biting stories.

*See the Black Terror and Tim fight such menaces as Dr. Eptil and "The Million Dollar Ray of Death!"

*Thrill to the origin of Daredevil and learn how he foiled "The Murderous Movie Maker!"

*Watch in awe as the Doll Man deals with the Peacock, the Huntress, the Minstrel, the Fool Killer, and more!!!

The Golden Years Archive Series
      A line of CDs reprinting this site's online reprint books, complete, in 6 month blocks. (With larger, clearer, scans than seen online!)
The Golden Years Presents:
    A line of CDs featuring new reprints. Volumes either focus on a particular character, genre, theme, or company, or feature a grab bag of heroes.

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