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Bree: 135 Miles

Midge Water Marshes: 179-211 Miles

Weathertop: 241 Miles

Bilbo’s Trolls: 388 Miles

Rivendell: 458 Miles

Lothlorien: 920 Miles

Use these cards to say hello to walkers ahead or behind you. (Please specify Walk, Tree Card, or Arganoth Card in the subject line.)


Postcard credits: 

Bree, Kally, WWEC

Midgewater Marshes, Pansey Makehay, WWEC

Weathertop, Kally, WWEC

Bilbo’s Trolls, Pansey Makehay, WWEC

Rivendell, New Line Cinemas

Lothlorien, Estella Underhill, WWEC

Walk to Rivendell card, Pansey Makehay, WWEC

Uncle Bilbo’s Tree, GliowienRayna, WWEC

Argonath Card, Celefinniel, TORN

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