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Join Wiz, GliowienRayna, and other Weight Watchers Walkers in daily discussions at the Challenge Central Community Board on the Weight Watchers Web Site each week day in the mornings or early afternoons under the threads titled “Éowyn Challenge: The Road Goes Ever On and On” (weekdays) and “Éowyn Challenge: Care and Feeding of a Shieldmaiden” (Saturdays and Sundays).

Join Emerlute ( ) and the Tolkien Online Walkers at Tolkien Online on the Walk to Rivendell thread.

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Meet for an Entmoot at the Derndingle*!

Meet your fellow walkers across groups at the Walk to Rivendell Yahoo Group site to leave messages, chat, share photos and recipes, etc.  This site is for all the walkers to get to know one another and discussions do not have to be entirely LOTR or Walk focused.  You may have to download software or put up with some (fitness oriented) ads to obtain this “free” service. Over 200 walkers have already signed up, and the chat runs 24 hours.

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*entmoot - meeting of the ents; derndingle - Great bowl of Fangorn, site of Entmoots


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Congratulations! Many of our walkers have already reached Rivendell! We will list all walkers who reach Rivendell here.2

Walkers reaching other destinations in Middle Earth will be posted here.

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2Note:  We will only report those on the Rivendell Page who have regularly reported to the Milestones Celebrations Page throughout their journey. We may request information about your journey before posting your name.

(Note: These links are no longer maintained.)


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