Karen Wynn Fonstad

In loving memory of Karen Wynn Fonstad (1945-2005)


Who we are...    

Aragorn - "What do you fear my lady?" Éowyn - "A cage. To stay behind bars until use and old age accept them and all chance of valor has gone beyond recall or desire. Aragorn - "You are a daughter of Kings! A Shieldmaiden of Rohan! I do not think that will be your fate" The Lord of the Rings: The TwoTowers

For many of us, our weight, health and/or self-esteem have felt like cages, and we have decided to break free. We encourage everyone to make a fitness/health goal to reach during our Challenge dates or choose your own Challenge dates based on the Middle Earth events.  The Challenge brought us together while awaiting the release of The Return of the King in theaters, but anyone can take the Éowyn Challenge anytime.

Use of this site: Taking the Éowyn Challenge or simply joining the walk is free . There are no forms to fill out, no questions to answer, no pop-up advertising, and no harassing e-mail. Simply join a discussion group or set out on your own.

To enjoy all the benefits of the Éowyn Challenge Site, please read through the pages of this site carefully. On the Community Page, you will find links to various online discussion groups that participate in the Éowyn Challenge and The Walk to Rivendell. You will also find links to our Derndingle (chat), our photos, our calendar, our merchandise, and more. On the Walk Page, you will find details about the Walk to Rivendell Challenge. On the Tools Page , you can record your mileage in our database, find your location in Middle Earth, use journals to record your journey, send postcards to fellow walkers, and more. On the Links Page , we have included links to various LOTR sites, maps, fitness sites, and more. 

The Walk to Rivendell  

458 MILES from Hobbiton to Rivendell!

And the road goes ever on and on...

The original Walk to Rivendell Challenge began on Monday, March 17th, 2003, but it is never too late to join in.  We have other distances throughout Middle Earth that you may choose to travel. The founder of this fitness challenge is our Ranger Jewel.  She began researching the miles, milestones and time frame of the hobbits’ journey to Rivendell in Fellowship of the Ring . We were later joined by Karen Wynn Fonstad, author of the Atlas of Middle-earth. Mrs. Fonstad provided us with very detailed charts of all the Fellowship’s journey through Middle Earth. Much of the information provided is exclusive to the Eowyn Challenge and can be found nowhere else. The challenge is very simple and flexible; anyone can develop their own variation on this basic idea.

For more information, see our Walk to Rivendell page.



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Shieldmaiden/Horse artwork by Éowyn Challenge Shieldmaiden Pansey Makehay.