The 12" to the foot Chebacco.

Unfortunately work on Dayawl has been stopped for over a year.
To complete a project, one must visualize the end result. Personal problems have made that difficult.

Ground Tackle Scupper

This is the index to the various stages.

final roll to inverted

- later -

solo roll to inverted

decking the hull

Tabernacle Details

turning hull solo

Turning the hull before painting the boat's bottom was a dilemma. Since a large part of the hull's stiffness comes from the side decks, I decided to put them on before painting lest the distortion crack the paint.

Master Bedroom

Stem Details

Hanging the strakes

Setting up the molds.

Rudder Details


I'm using 3/8" marine ply (with Phil Bolger's blessing).
"The module technique discussed with the model is being used."
Why it's taking so long!
Trailer Where it started