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Kris is the Founder of Crossroads Paranormal© Kris was born and raised in Ontario, Canada.  She moved to Lafayette, Indiana in 1998 where she currently resides with her husband Michael.  Kris is a retail manager and has been with her current employer since 1999.

Kris became interested in the paranormal at a young age when unexplainable occurrences happened in the house that her mother rented.  Her interest has now become somewhat of an obsession as she is constantly researching and learning about the paranormal.  Since the paranormal is not an exact science there are several opinions and points of view to consider, so you are never "done" learning. 


Kris is a speaker by nature.  She enjoys educating people on the paranormal and has done several presentations on the paranormal including but not limited paranormal investigation training.

Guest Request

If you would like to have Kris as a guest on your show, would like to schedule an interview or would like for her to speak at your upcoming event please contact her via Email.



Current 2007  Founder and Host of the Far Beyond Ordinary Show

Current 2007  Owner of Para-Apparel

Current 2007  Founder and Host of Crossroads Paranormal Radio©

Current 2006  Founder, Crossroads Paranormal©, Indiana


In Kris' spare time (when she is not out in the field or researching/studying the paranormal) she enjoys photography, writing, reading, web design, Graphic Design, golfing, traveling and the great outdoors.


Interviews, appearances, and articles as seen on:

Kokomo Tribune    The Times    NWI Times   Purdue Exponent                     

SciFi Channel - Proof Positive     Dead Winter Event


Radio Interviews:

   100.5 KI      96.5 Wazy      95.7 The Rocket       The Cari Stone Show

   The Nightwatch Show      The League of Extraordinary Paranormal Women

   Southern New England Paranormal  


Most people know me online as Dazdnconfzd, Dazd, Disturbed, etc...just don't call me late for dinner.  My real name is Steve and I'm excited to be apart of Far Beyond Ordinary radio show.  I have been interested in the paranormal most of my life.  September 2006 changed my life forever and has afforded me the opportunity to explore other worldly phenomenon.  I am a skeptic believer and I plan to share my personal experiences.  And through this remuneration, I plan to validate my beliefs.  I won't ask anyone to embrace my beliefs. One man's belief is another man's follies.

I belong to a wonderful paranormal group called Crossroads Paranormal based in Lafayette, Indiana.  I've been participating in meetings since April of 2007 and became a member in July of 2007.  I am the Regional Manager for Central Indiana and help co-ordinate investigations and meeting with prospective members.  My knowledge knows no boundaries except I'm not smart enough to remember it all.

I invite you to accompany Kris and I in our pursuit of validation and understanding of other worldly phenomenon.  Maybe together with your help we can denounce these phenomenons or validate them.

And always remember, Reality sucks and Life goes on.


Join Kris and Steve every Sunday night at 6  EST

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