Welcome to Crossroads Paranormal


Crossroads Paranormal is an exclusive group of seasoned paranormal investigators based in Indiana, whose main focus is to educate and empower individuals who are dealing with paranormal occurrences.


Crossroads Paranormal offers confidential investigations free of charge.  If you are experiencing paranormal activity in your home or business and would like Crossroads Paranormal to conduct an investigation please read our links under "Investigations" in the menu. 


Crossroads Paranormal strives to work alongside other paranormal organizations, groups and clubs.  If you are the founder of such organization and would like to be listed on our website please visit our "Links and Website" page (located under "Miscellaneous" on our menu bar) for more details.


Kris has recently opened Para-Apparel Para-Apparel is a paranormal apparel and gift shop.  The shop has several departments including Paranormal Investigator, Paranormal Photographer, Tech Manger, EVP Specialist, Ghost Hunting and The Lighter Side of Paranormal.


Para-Apparel is the official shop for Crossroads Paranormal Radio merchandise.


Visit Para-Apparel today and do not forget to check out the coupons available on the left-hand side of the shop page that you can use on your purchase.


All items in our shop have a 30 day guarantee!!


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Sunday Nights

10 EST



Join husband and wife team, Kris and Mike, every Sunday night at 10 EST as they discuss anything and everything paranormal with various members of the paranormal community.


Even though they have a lot in common and are both paranormal investigators, Kris believes that ghosts exist and that we have just not yet been able to provide concrete evidence and not sure if we ever will, Mike on the other hand has never had a paranormal experience and thinks that they could exist but he has never seen anything to convince him that they do.



Thursday Nights



Kris and Rod are your hosts for the Thursday night show.  Kris and Rod are friends and while they both believe that ghosts exist they are not always on the same side of the coin.


They will discuss different paranormal "hot topics", "weird" news and will be joined by various members of the paranormal community.


You are welcome to call in during the live show and ask Kris, Mike or their guest a question or to comment on the conversation.  The number to call during the live show is (718) 664-6502.


Please take note that you need Windows Media Player to listen to the live show.  You probably already have this but if you do not you can download it free from Microsoft.



You can listen to our last show here! 





Crossroads Paranormal Hosts Monthly Meetups



Crossroads Paranormal is now hosting monthly paranormal Meetups.

We welcome anyone who has an interest in the paranormal to join us on the third Saturday of every month (will be held in Lafayette unless otherwise noted) to meet and chat with other paranormal enthusiasts.

Our first Meetup will be held in Lafayette, IN on June 16th at 6:30 pm at:

Monical's Pizza

3500 State Rd 38

Lafayette, IN  47905


This is a social family friendly gathering and anyone who has an interest in the paranormal is welcome to join us!


Feel free to join the Crossroads Paranormal Meetup Group!  You can join the Meetup group even if you are unable to attend the Meetups. 


Just click the badge below to go to our Meetup Site.






Crossroads Paranormal is Growing

Do You Believe in Putting People Above Paranormal?


After much thought we have decided to expand Crossroads Paranormal. We are expanding nationally.


This is a new venture where we are looking to have "representatives" in every state. If you have an existing group you can still be a "representative" without having to give up anything that you already have or change anything you are doing.


For example if your group is currently called XZY Paranormal and you become a "chapter" you will then be XZY Paranormal, Representative of Crossroads Paranormal.


There are NO FEES to do this. No membership dues to be a chapter. What we are trying to do is have a chapter in each state that we can refer investigations to.


What will you get out of being a Representative of Crossroads Paranormal?


1. One of the most important things you will get out of this is networking with other groups.


2. Crossroad Paranormal will put up a web page on their site with information about the Representative and their groups current events.


3. A network of people and groups that you can go to for advice or evidence opinions.


4. Share training material and information.


If you have any questions please feel free to email us at: information@crossroadsparanormal.com


If you are interested in becoming a Representative of Crossroads Paranormal please fill out the Chapter Application Form


Please note that each group that applies to be a chapter will be reviewed and you will be notified if you have been selected as the chapter for your state.


We are also looking for people who are experienced in video, audio and photography that are willing to review possible "evidence" for the group.


Please check our Crossroads Paranormal Representative Page to see which states have active CP Representatives.





Upcoming Events



Crossroads Paranormal ~ Paranormal Meet and Greet Picnic!


Crossroads Paranormal hosted its first annual Paranormal Meet and Greet on Saturday August 12th, 2006.  For details and pictures please visit  1st Annual Meet and Greet Page.


We would like to thank everyone who came out.  We had a great time getting to know fellow investigators.


Our 2nd Annual Paranormal Meet and Greet has been set for August 11, 2007!  More details will be available closer to the date.




Crossroads Paranormal Forum


Our forum is free to join and everyone and anyone who is interested in the Paranormal is welcome to do so.  We hope to see you there! 


You can access the forum here: Crossroads Forum or for more information about our forum visit the links under "Forum" on the menu bar.  Be sure to activate your account via the activation email!



Paranormal Community Support



We at Crossroads Paranormal strive to promote unity amongst Paranormal Investigators and Paranormal Organizations and are thrilled that several others share this vision.


We look forward to building on our new friendships as we search together for answers that may not exist.





Kris Baker is the American Ghost Society Area Representative

for North Central Indiana.





Crossroads Paranormal 

P.O. Box 5033, Lafayette, IN  47903

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