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Miscellaneous Photos 2005

ARS National Convention 2005 - Memphis, Tennessee

Three BGRS members attend the 2005 Fall National ARS Convention in Memphis--Kathy Dodson, Georgia Snyder, and Mary Ann Hext.  Kathy won 2nd place with her line arrangement.  They attended an workshop on modern arrangements, various workshops and meetings, and a tour of several Memphis rose gardens.

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Kathy Dodson with arrangement
Kathy Dodson
line arrangement
ARS brunch for first-timers
BGRS members
at Memphis
First-timers Brunch
Kathy Dodson arrangement workshop
Kathy Dodson's abstract arrangement at workshop
rose garden tour
Mary Ann Hext on
Memphis Garden Tour
rose garden tour
Kathy Dodson &
Georgia Snyder
 on Garden Tour
Georgia Snyder arrangement workshop
Georgia Snyder's
 abstract arrangement
 at workshop
Mary Hext arrangement workshop
Mary Hext's abstract
at workshop
rose garden tour
Memphis Garden Tour
national winners
Memphis Rose Show




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