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2/7/10: ***UPDATE***

The Golden Years and All-Amazing Comics are back and have moved!!! The new address is Please update your bookmarks.

Hello and welcome to the Golden Years! This site's mission is to bring back the Golden Age of comics to you through stories, covers, and other works, for enjoyment and historical preservation. I do not believe that I am infringing on any copyrights by doing so, but if I ever do it is unintentional. Also, please take note that due to the nature of this site, it is under constant construction so come back often!
-Steve Rogers

In the Library:

International Comics #1
Catman-Catman 19 (Australian)

Marvelman-Marvelman 305

Sir Falcon-Sir Falcon 55

Young Marvelman-Young Marvelman 305

The Crusaders-Grand Slam Comics vol.2 no.3

Kid Marvelman-Marvelman 105

Sooper Dooper-Three Aces Comics vol.3 no.6

Pte. Penny-Grand Slam Comics vol.2 no.3

Recent Updates:
For past updates, check the log linked to the left.

1/11/04-Updated History page, adding a Publishing Chronologies section, and a Nedor Publishing Chronology page.

1/14/04-Added Centaur Publishing Chronology to History page.

3/26/04-Posted International Comics #1 in the library.

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