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The original website for VMD-154 Associaiton was created Feb 17, 2003. By Feb 6, 2005, the site had received 4,240 visitors. Subsequent data was lost during site upgrades.
Name : VMD-154 Association Subtitle : WWII Marine Photographic Squadron
Charter : Announcements : The VMD-154 Reunion will be held Oct 5-8, 2006 at the Holiday Inn, Austin Town Lake, Austin, TX.
Event Calendar: Meetings : One meeting of the VMD-154 Association officers is held during the annual squadron reunion in the fall of each year.
General Information : This website is dedicated to the men who proudly served in the United States Marine Corps, Squadron VMD-154. During WWII, this squadron was under the command of the 1st Marine Aircraft Wing. VMD-154, an aerial reconnaissance squadron, was stationed at Camp Elrod on Espiritu Santo Island, New Hebrides (now Vanuatu) in the South Pacific. Their commanding officer was Colonel Elliott E. Bard. Squadron reconnaissance missions included the locations of: Guadalcanal, Munda, Kolombangara, Bougainville, Shortland, Nauru, Ocean, Truk, Tarawa, and Makin. To submit photos, flight logs, or squadron historical documents please e-mail us. Join Us : VMD-154 Association welcomes squadron members, as well as their family members and friends. Please contact us at the e-mail address listed on this page.
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Email Us: vmd154.reunion.assn@insightbb.com
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