About Zane Harris

I was literally born a child of the Sixties, born in 1960. My sister, eight years older than me, introduced me to the Beatles with the Meet the Beatles album. Then I discovered those terrible Beatles cartoons on TV. Even though they were animated, I saw all those girls running after them and said, now THAT'S a good job! (Okay, I was pre-occupied with girls at a very early age)

I've been playing guitar since I was nine years old, back in 1969. My brother brought home a classical guitar and a Peter, Paul, and Mary songbook. I promptly started out to prove that I could learn to play faster than by brother, who is nine years older than me. I started out with PP&M's "A-Soulin". Two chords, Em and D. Played it over and over and over and over, yadda yadda yadda. My parents must have been incredibly tolerant to put up with that! Didn't really do much more with the guitar for a few years.

At age fourteen I started playing guitar again, an electric guitar that my dad literally found in the trash, a Teisco. It was in the trash for good reason. I put up with that for a couple of weeks, and then bought a Kimberly Les Paul. I played that guitar until 1978, when my dad bought me a white Gibson Les Paul Custom, new, from Maschinot's Music in Southgate, Kentucky. Cost all of $500. I still have that guitar today, and hope to still be playing it until I play no more. Shortly after that acquisition, I sold the Kimberly, a move I sorely regret today. For nostalgia's sake, I wish I still had it. The Teisco, on the other hand, went back where it belonged, in the trash. I don't miss it at all!

The first band I can actually remembering being in that had a name was Savage. The local newspaper insisted on calling us The Savages, instead of Savage. I don't think that was the reason we couldn't get jobs. I think it was more because we only had about six songs worked up, and we sucked at those. Then I turned mercenary for a while, playing in a country band called Midnight, because I could actually get paying work that way. All this time I had been playing strictly rhythm guitar. I played in Midnight until approximately 1980 or '81. Due to a personality conflict in the band, I quit, and I quit playing music altogether until the fall of 2000.

I am a member of the Cincinnati based Beatles Boosters Club. Once every month or two they were having a get together, really just a social event, at Zen & Now Book Cafe on Bridgetown Road in Cincinnati. They decided to start having a sing-along at the events, so I and some others in the club started bringing our guitars. We decided to try to put something together. That was the birth of That Sixties Band. I originally played lead guitar, but when Rocky brought Stu into the band, there was no question that he was by far the better guitarist. I stepped down to what Paul McCartney once called the fat boy's instrument, the bass guitar. It's really great making music with these guys. I regret that I took off playing for so many years, but feel very blessed to have the opportunity to now have Rick, and Rocky, and Stu not only as bandmates, but as friends.

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